PI-Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co, Germany

A global market and technology leader in the field of precision positioning technology with accuracies down to nanometers. PI offers a technological spectrum and a vertical production range that are beyond competition worldwide.



PI miCos Germany

PI miCos offers complete system integration in the field of motion control. PI miCos specializes in demanding applications that require deep vacuum, extreme temperature, high precision and superior performance. Ultra high precision stages, Linear Rotary and Goniometer. Air-bearing Stages. Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Stages.



PI Ceramic Germany

PI Ceramic

Piezoelectric ceramics materials, Discs, Rings, Plates and Tubes.
PZT Multilayers Bender Actuators.
Piezoceramic Tube Actuators.
Piezoelectric Multilayers Stack Actuators.
Piezo Motors



Diamond SA, Switzerland

High precision Fiberoptic Connectors, Patchcord, Pigtails, Attenuators and passive components such as: E-2000, F-3000, DIN, FC, SC, ST, FSMA, Diamond and MFS (Multiple Fiber System). The E-2000 and the new F-3000 (LC Family) connector systems, developed by Diamond: push pull design, integrated self-closing dust cups, and high packing density. E-2000 and F-3000 are available in PC and APC version for SM, MM and polarization maintaining fibers, backplane Application, Crimp & Cleave and Fusion systems for field termination.


Thermo Scientific Radiation Measurement & Protection, Germany, USA, UK

Thermo Scientific
Portable Radiation Monitors, Area monitor, Aerosol Monitor
Automated Contamination Monitors
Radiological Dosimeters.
Thermoluminescence Dosimetry (TLD) Material and readers.
Radiation Detection
Border / Seaport, Security Control Points, Counter Terrorism
Survey Instrument
Gateway Monitors



Saint Gobain Crystal & Detectors, USA, France, Germany, England

Crystal Scintillators, Plastic Scintillators, Liquid Scintillators, Glass Scintillators, Fibers Scintillators
Gas-Filled Tubes
Geophysical Detectors
Laser Crystal such as doped YAG , Ruby, Ti:Sapphire and others
Sapphire substrates
Monochromating crystals and garnets.
UV, visible and Infrared transmission optics



Volpi Switzerland and USA

Illumination Technologies:
Light Sources, Ringlights, Flexible Light Guides, Line Illumination,
Coaxial Illumination, Diffuse Incident Light (Dome), Backlight Illumination
Optical Instrument:
Intrascope, Endoscope, Telecentric Optics, Hand-Microscope, TV-Microprobe



Micronor Switzerland

Rotary Encoders & Special encoders.
Programmable limit switches.
Incremental and absolute encoders.
Manual pulse generators.
Motorized potentiometers, Cam timers and Precision micro switches



Leoni Fiber Optics, Germany

Fiberoptic Single-Mode Switches
Fiberoptic Multi-Mode Switches
FiberOptic collimator Arrays
PLC Splitters and Couplers
Optical Shutter Devices



FOC Fiber Optical Components, Germany

Singlemode Coupler
Passive Low Loss Fiber Diameter Converter
Singlemode Short Wavelength Coupler



Latab Sweden

LED lighting for vision applications:
Various of LED light sources as Ring-Lights, Line-Lights, Back-Lights and others. Standard and custom design.



Xenon Corporation, USA

Pulsed UV Light Systems:
Various Shapes of High Intensive UV Lamps, Ring Shaped Lamps.
Ultra High-Peak Power UV Curing Systems.
UV Sterilization Systems – Completely Eradicate Microorganisms